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Dec 27, 2010
After a bit of an inability to get parts in from China for nearly 2 months due to the Chinese New Virus Holiday I have finally got components in and I now have nearly the full stock range back on the shelf.
I have a few goodies that are on my site but are yet to go in my catalogue. I've been holding off creating an updated catalogue as there is likely to be a price rise (again) as the Aussie dollar is still falling. I just had an exchange rate through paypal of $AU1=$US0.61 today after is being around $US0.68 when I was buying stuff in January.
I now have some 4 way cable glands which are ideal for running pigtails through and can be used for cat5 cable with connectors if you slit the neoprene seal. I also have a DSE Hibox style box that comes supplied with 3 4 way glands and is pre-drilled for them. (Note the box does not come supplied with pigtails)
I also have a fair number of 5V 2811 nodes in stock, power supplies, pixel testers, pixel pliers and lots more.
All 3 of the 2811DC boards are back in stock as are the DMX dc dimmers
gland outside view.jpggland top view.jpg
Glands in box.jpg