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LSP Project Access

Discussion in 'LightShow Pro (LSP)' started by mmulvenna, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. mmulvenna

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    May 8, 2010
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    A reminder for those LSP users who have purchased the software and don't often visit the LSP forum.

    Every LSP user who has purchased the software should have access to the project section the LSP forum. The project section allows you read the existing bugs or feature requests or post new ones in the forum so they can be tracked and voted on by the QCC for inclusion in the software. Posting the bugs or requests on this forum will not guarantee the issue posted in the LSP projects.

    If you don't have access to the project system and have paid for the software please log on to the LSP forum and send me a pm that contains your lic key. I will then verify the key and grant the proper access.

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