LSP slow after each command and visualizer not working?


Full time elf
Nov 2, 2011
Firstly thanks Fasteddy for the link to the new update and the LSP team for the release. I updated my LSP version, and continued to experience the dodgy visualizer and performance issues.

I then started a new sequence and imported all my controllers from another MSQ file and filled in 3 colour changes in the timeline for the first controller. The visualizer worked fine and LSP was very responsive. I then filled those 3 colours against all controllers, and bang visualizer wouldn't work anymore and things slowed down dramatically. I then started with 2 controllers coloured in and continued until I found the freezing point (Bottom left window, in my case). After that, I coloured in all other controllers and left the Bottom Left Window off and the Visualizer played well and the performance was like lightning. Every click, cut, paste I made was responsive and didn't leave me waiting for the computer to catch up.

Next, I removed the channel image from the Bottom Left Window and re-drew it and voila, everything worked perfectly. Seems like something in the channel image was corrupting. These controllers were being used across all my sequences, so I had the performance issue through them all. I then ported this fix to my other sequences and the visualizer works perfectly now and the speed is very quick. Bit late for me now (only have half of the last song to sequence on the AVD48), but still just thought someone else may benefit from this.


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Oct 8, 2012
Wichita Falls, TX
I've experienced that same thing with that window. I've learned to click the x to close it. For the problems it seems to cause, having it default off would probably fix a lot of performance issues. I just thought my video card didn't care for that window, but if you see the same then it's LSP.