making a marty fan


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Aug 31, 2014
maryborough victoria
marty fam p.PNG To make a marty fan of wood you will need the following
11 lengths of wood 30mm x 10mm 1.2m long
10 lengths 30mm x 10mm- 320mm long for ends with 24 deg angle cuts optional
4 lengths 30mm x 10mm -160mm for inner support
2 lengths 30mm x 10mm-260mm for inner support
4 lengths 30mm x 10mm-200mm for inner support
3 lenths 40mm x 20mm 1m for bracing
1x plate half circle shape for centre brace 5mm x 150mm dia
wood glue
wood screws
11 1.2m 2811 strips
11 12m jst leads
cable ties black as they last longer than white
1lt white undercoat
1lt of topcoat white or black
First off lay your 2 of the 1.2m lengths of timber on the ground next to ea other which then will be a total lenght of 2.4m leave a 100mm gap between the 2 lenghts /then screw the half circle plate on top then flip over so the base is on the bottom then put the centre 1.2 m with also 100mm gap. then on top insert and glue/screw the end pieces 320mm long to centre top of the 1.2m lengths working your way from centre out repeat the proccess finally when you have done thats fit the rest of the supports in the middle bettween each 1.2 m lenths .drill 20mm hole in centre at the bottom of the plate/arc for wires to go through .
then paint undercoat then top coat .
NOTE you can make your own base or install how you wish but i made my base free standing with 20mm x 20mm tubing steel .sides 90cm H x 2 top 1 x 120cm long bottom 1 x 140cm long bottom x leg supports 2x 60cm
WIRING THE MARTY FAN /TIP i put the cable ties over ic so it doesnt cut into strip .
staring on the right working to the left .i cable tied 1.2m strips ::: all arrows facing to top; then on the end top ran 1.2m jst ext from the top of the strip to the bottom of the next strip /you can run zig zag pattern if you wish but then will need 230mm xet jst at the top .then injected 2 out side strips and centre
any questions just chat me or pm cheers foodi
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Jan 5, 2014
nice. I built a marty fan the first year I got into this hobby and it is still going. But it was dumb strips, so really would like to update it, but because it is the one element that has not given me trouble, I am reluctant too. Oh well, we will see what next year brings.


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Jul 5, 2017
And u made a custom model.... right :) to go along with this totorial...thaks blink blink .... lol


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Dec 24, 2017
Hedland WA
...12m jst leads
cable ties black as they last longer than white
.... 1.2m jst ext foodi
NB: Black cable ties are UV treated and are for outside! White are not and are for inside...

Sorry to be such a noob, but WhiskyTangoFoxtrot are
jst & jst ext leads?!?
I’m guessing you ext stands for ‘extension’...


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Apr 21, 2016
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Nice job.
This is hopefully one of my projects this year - making four of them, but I will be going one step further and putting conduit and lights around the circumference to make leaping arches as well as the Marty fan. .

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Jun 23, 2013
angle vale s.a.
I really like that ! And its Something I haven't seen yet . Just thinking of some really cool effects you could put on them ! Hmmm maybe I want too build one but not sure where I can put it ?
Thanks for sharing looks great

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Nov 30, 2013
made six of these for my arches last chrissy, they were awesome. Didn't get video of all the sequences due to the amount of traffic, but the drone footage shows them in action on my adaptation of the trolls song.

Hey marmalade do you have any closeup pics dimensions etc, they look awesome i wouldn't mind making some for the front of my place