Managed tutorial video List?


Dec 19, 2016
I have watched so many videos on Pixel lighting and Controllers, that sometimes I just loose track. I also find it very useful to have a tutorial video waiting on screen to follow, if I run into any problems, or just can’t remember the correct steps, or the correct order to do them in.

However, there is such a range of tutorial videos out there (some much better that others, and there are some quite out of date videos out there as well), it would be good if someone could just give me a list of the best (in their opinion) and most recent videos to watch, on a whole range of issues (e.g. set-up, Sequencing, Controllers, power injection, Pixel types and new offerings, etc.) Not only that, but sometimes you need to review only one segment of a video, which can be difficult to quickly and easily find that part, especially if it is a long video.

So, here’s my idea! (I’m not sure if anything like this is possible, but I do know that it’s beyond me!)

I think it would be great if there was a group of expert people, who could watch and grade tutorial videos, so we could have a list of the best and most up to date/current Videos, so we could watch these videos first. This list could have 2 or 3 of the best and most reascent tutorial videos, for all of the most commonly needed topics.

Then, would it be possible to also have a subset of sections within each video title? These subsets could then take you easily and quickly (e.g. Hyperlink) directly to the relevant section of that video, which could save heaps of time, if you’re just wanting to follow up on only one issue contained within that video. This list would then be reviewed regularly, to ensure that any better tutorial videos that have been produced could then be added to the list.

I haven’t seen anything like this before, but I think it would be a great tool.

I would be interested in hearing your opinion on a tool like this, and if others would find something like this useful.


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Dec 27, 2010
I hardly hit the tutorials at all at this time of year but anyone who does do 1 or more of them it would be handy if they had a list of shortcuts in the description. At a guess I'd reckon there's at least a few hrs of tutorial videos go up every week and I doubt anyone gets close to watching them all. There certainly are some good videos out there. Canispater Christmas and ACL's own keithsw1 do great videos. Keith covers pretty well all the features of xlights as they get added so they are well worth watching and subscribing to.