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Melbourne/Vic Melbourne Mini: Sessions - stil need volunteeers please.

Discussion in 'Mini Archive' started by multicast, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. multicast

    multicast Senior Elf

    Jul 13, 2013
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    Please find attahced our sessions and in Italics, whos taking that session.. We still need some volunteers!

    Welcome: From our Hosts @ cnc.

    Session 1: Show Planning: Tuppetsdad
    Session 2: Networks, protocols, Glue and String - Multicast
    Session 3: Sequencing.. an overview - WE NEED A VOLUNTEER
    Session 4: Squencing Practical Workshop #1. ( will be breakng into smaller groups )

    xlights: gerry
    vixen: ???
    LOR: ???

    Session 5: Falcons, Beagles, Raspberrys and other fruit and animals: AAH

    Session 6: Squencing.. Practical Workshop #2.. Continuation of Seeison 4

    Session 7: SHOW TIME!! - Co-ordinated by Multicast, but really this is a suck and see what we collectively have learnt!

    15 minute quick talks. ( order to be arranged )

    QuickTalk A: Marketing yoru show - brother tuppet.
    Quick talk B: Fing - Talking Faces in Xlights
    Quick talk C: Audio Editing - djgra79
    Quick talk D: Control Protocol working group - Upcoming standards..
    Quick talk E:
    Quick talk F: YOUR NAME - YOUR TOPIC

    And one short boring bit.. A more formal meeting to up a group who will take control of running these thigns next year! So its not the freindly dictatorship that i feel Like i'm running now.

    Wrap up Session. Will just be questions and Answers..
  2. gerry

    gerry Senior Elf

    Dec 19, 2012
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    Surrey Hills,Melbourne
    How long are each of the Sessions ?
    - In session 3 - is the plan to cover all three sequencers - I could do xLights

    In session 5 , I could do some of the FP configurations (for the PI and BBB) - unless you want that in another session.
  3. OP

    multicast Senior Elf

    Jul 13, 2013
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    Session 3, really is more about the "art" of sequencing.. About picking colors, about choosing music, about what makes a show good and what makes it suck.. While we might need to mention specific tools in passing, the nuts and bolts of specific tools/software is what we will try to do in teh workshop sessions...

    Alan put his hand up for session 5, but there is no reason why you coud'nt split htat up between you.
  4. AAH

    AAH I love blinky lights :) Community Project Designer Generous Elf

    Dec 27, 2010
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    Find Me On:
    Let me know via phone, email or via my website if you're after me. Failing that I'll see everyone at the mini.
    Contact details for me are on the back of all my user manuals and on my site.

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