Migrating off LOR hardware - insights


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Oct 3, 2018
I am keen to move to xLights from LOR. I have two plug and play LOR Pixie16D enclosures (enclosure, controller, PSU etc) and I wanted to see if I could easily just transplant the controller out. So I was waiting for more stock of the Falcons and decided to give the local Aussie supplier (Advatek) a go and bought a PixLite16. Well what a fantastic outcome. First it took a day to arrive. Second it literally directly swapped out for the Pixie16D. The PCB mounting screws line up perfectly, the dangles plug in the same way (no rewiring). All I had to do was take the power leads out and swap them around to make them easily mount to the PCB power terminals and change the setting to WS2811 for the ICs. Bingo! So happy I can never reload LOR software again nor pay them any more money! Going to order the second board today for the second Pixie16D enclosure. Woohoo!
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Dec 27, 2010
It's almost like the Pixcon16 is a rebadged Pixlite16 and they used the same footprint for the Pixie.
LOR is made easy to use with their hardware but you pay lots for the privilege. They fell way behind when it got to pixels so they reached out to some guys in Melbourne to license a design off them.