Mini trees


Full Time elf
Dec 2, 2012
Hi sorry if this has been covered before but I just want to double check before I make an order
I want to do 8 mini trees as my front yard isn't that large I'm thinking dumb RGB strings on them with the max tree height being about 50 cm on which I was thinking a 50 string per tree would probably do the job
(can't see any reason to use pixels) I would prefer to use the 5v version , in the forums there's this post to convert the Ray Wu 27 ch controller to 5v having no experience I just wanted to check this mod doesn't only convert the boards electronics to 5v but also the ouput supply in that I mean that once this mod has been done the thing is a 5v board only ?


New elf
Dec 11, 2012
I am completely new to this but i made up 4 mini trees at at height of 1.2m each, i used those tomato plant growing frames.

I used dumg rgb 3528 strips, although now i am thinking i should have used 5050. Each tree uses one 5m strip and the first and third tree are in sync and the second and fourth are in sync with each other. I just used the standard 2 output controller for these.

It is very basic but since i am so new to the whole christmas light scene, i figured it was best to start of this.

I have since bought an IC rgb strip which i am thinking about making a tree with out of some sort of plastic sheeting and box the lights inside face inwards for the whole glow effect.

It is January and my wife is already over my ideas for christmas. haha