Minleon to the Purchase the Industry's Premier RGB Light Show Pro Software


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Sep 29, 2010
From: http://www.lightshowpro.com/blogs/admin/93-minleon-purchase-industry-s-premier-rgb-light-show-pro-software.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=lsp_sync

by admin , Yesterday at 10:46 PM (28 Views) <blockquote> Minleon International Ltd (A China-based manufacturer of LED holiday and d?cor lighting products), and Minleon International (USA) Ltd (it?s USA-based affiliate) have announced the purchase of LightShow Pro, a California-based software company and the leading provider of RGB light sequence software in the industry. The purchase is effective immediately.

Minleon is the largest supplier of LED holiday replacement bulbs to the USA commercial market. Operating since 2005, Minleon established its dominant market share by manufacturing a full product line of quality LED replacement bulbs. In 2009, Minleon added to its product line by offering the first ?dimming? LED replacement bulb capable of consistently performing with the industry?s automated light sequencing software. This past January Minleon introduced its new line of RGB-LED lighting products, including RGB bulbs and RGB light controllers, at the country?s largest holiday lighting shows in Atlanta and Dallas, and the internationally acclaimed ChristmasWorld2012 show in Germany.

At a recent technical conference in Florida, Minleon explained the purchase by indicating RGB lighting is the future of USA holiday and d?cor lighting. And with Minleon manufacturing the industry?s most comprehensive line of RGB light strings, coupled with manufacturing a diverse line of RGB light controllers, the procurement of related RGB software was a natural ?fit? to complete the vertical integration of its RGB operation. This combination, layered with Minleon?s current and growing distribution channels, will make Minleon a leader in the LED-RGB lighting industry.

LightShow Pro, developed by GraphXPros (www.GraphXPros.com) is the ?next generation? of holiday light show design software focusing on RGB lighting, empowering its users to leverage the latest RGB devices and hardware. Building a success record since its inception in 2005, LightShow Pro has been dedication to innovation, quality, and stability, powering some of the best displays in the industry. LightShow Pro is the #1 RGB sequencer in the marketplace. Please visit our website at www.lightshowpro.com.

Minleon and LightShow Pro plan an immediate and seamless ownership transition. The transition coincides with the release of the new LightShow Pro version 2.5 offering many new value-added features. Moving forward Minleon plans to leverage key LightShow Pro resources and continue to evolve the software to meet the needs of creating the best RGB light shows. As such, dedicated support for our new RGB hardware will be included with LightShow Pro v2.5. More information and specifications of the new Minleon RGB hardware controllers will be posted shortly.
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August 6, 2012


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May 17, 2010
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It's interesting. The grammar on the title implies that it wasn't proofread or that the writer doesn't have good English skills. However, the text of the press release seems to be OK.

There has been no new beta code released for over 3 weeks, and there are differing opinions as to the readiness of the last release in mid-July for v2.5.

The phrase "Minleon will continue to utilize key LSP resources" leads me to believe David is staying involved, but no official comment leaves room for lots of rumors and speculation.