Minleons LightShow Pro User-based Quality Control Committee Announcement


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Apr 26, 2010
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With the take over of LSP by Minleon now complete the wheels are now starting to turn for a new and exciting future for LSP.

Last night Dean from Minleon LSP made an official annoucement of the Minleons LightShow Pro User-based Quality Control Committee, this is exciting news and as you can see by the comments below there is great community representation to help take LSP to the next level.

The below announcement is taken from Deans blog on the Minleon LightShow Pro Web site.

<blockquote>Dear Lightshow Pro User Community (community) - When Minleon announced the purchase of LSP we also announced we would be forming a user-based quality control committee (QCC) and immediately solicited the community for qualified candidates. As a result of this solicitation, Minleon received a generous list of qualified candidates. Minleon thanks the community for your recommendations. Due to the planned limited size of committee, we were unable to select all qualified candidates recommended, but we do feel we selected a good cross-section of users which will represent the community well. All have graciously accepted our invitation. With this, Minleon is pleased to introduce you to the QCC members (alphabetically); Fasteddy, LithgowLights, mmulvenna, MrChristmas2000, n8huntsman, and RonD. Additionally, Dean will be chairing the QCC for Minleon.

The QCCs first order of business is planned to be identifying, inventorying, prioritizing and resolving existing LSP issues (actually, we are informally addressing the highest priority issues now). Members have this preliminary inventory of issues for their review. The first QCC meeting is being scheduled.

QCC business is planned to be transparent. As members of the community, it is important you are aware of, and understand the purpose of the QCC, and monitor the results thereof. With this, below please find the QCCs mission paper, noting that within the mission paper is a commitment in reporting back to the community QCC matters on a regular basis.

In closing, Minleon thanks you for your patronage and we look forward working with you goin forward.

* * * * *
Minleon International (USA) Limited LLC
Lightshow Pro Division

User-based Quality Control Advisory Committee
Mission Paper
The purpose of the QCC is, (1) to advise Minleon in the development, oversight and execution of their Lightshow Pro (LSP) software quality control plan, and (2) to advise Minleon in their permanent objective of being the premier RGB lightshow software solution in the DIY community.

Background/Additional Information
The QCC will include a Chair, who will be a representative from Minleon. All other members will be LSP users who have the technical expertise and specific experience to enable them to effectively advise Minleon. The QCC ideally will consist of 6-7 members.

The QCC will be the control point for the maintenance and development of all major LSP software activity.

The QCC will work closely with the LSP community and Minleons LSP programming team in this ongoing maintenance and development effort.

Initially, the QCC is expected to convene monthly (via tele-conferences), but eventual frequency will be reduced to quarterly meetings. Additionally, much QCC activity will be consummated between meetings, informally, via emails on QCC-related matters and projects.

Members are asked to make a consistent and long-term commitment, but Minleon understands and accepts each member will not be able to actively participant at all times, due to other commitments. Minleon is willing to work within member availability.

Minleon understands members time and knowledge is valuable, and will recognize member-service by offering a fair compensate package in return for members service.

For the protection of members, the QCC is established as an advisory committee, meaning Minleon is responsible for all decision-making and will absorb all related consequences, and any liability, resulting from advice taken from the QCC. QCC members will have no liability exposure when offering advice.

Minleon will ask members to sign a standard non-disclosure agreement to protect LSP from possible competitive penetration.

Minleon will assign no term to the longevity of member participation. Instead, members are free to terminate service at will, and Minleon is free to termination member service at will.

As a policy, the QCC will, (1) solicit input from the LSP user community as reasonably expected in pursuit of their duties, and (2) will post a summary of all meetings to the applicable LSP forum(s) to inform the LSP user community of QCC activities.
END </blockquote>


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Nov 8, 2011
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Congratulations to the new QCC team. I'm sure you will be a large asset to the continued development of LSP.
As for FE, well every good team needs a mascot. :D


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Oct 18, 2011
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Bird said:
Congratulations to the new QCC team. I'm sure you will be a large asset to the continued development of LSP.
As for FE, well every good team needs a mascot. :D
Where is that darn like button Ryan... hahahaha.