Mixing Music - Tutorial


Is that Magic Smoke?!?
Oct 18, 2011
No longer in Radelaide
Well, I have finally taken the time to make a very basic tutorial on how to mix songs together, using one of my favorite pieces of software - MixMeister Fusion.

During this tutorial, I will explain the layout of the software, then run you through the easy way of matching 2 songs together by choosing an intro and outro point for your songs.

The software comes with some excellent tutorials also, There is a trial version of the software available at http://www.mixmeister.com/products-mmfusion.php or pm me ;) ;) ;)

Sorry, just realised, you cant see the mouse clicks, apologies for that, I will redo the tutorial later using a different screen capture tool.

The video is avaiable in HD so spend the time to download that version. you can see a whole lot better.
Also, apologies for speaking over the music in a couple of spots, fear not though, thee was nothing elevent said at that stage.