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Jan 1, 2014
1st.. I would look at moving LED lights... You don't have to worry about buying lamps...
2nd.. Whats your budget?...
3rd.. Where are you using them.. eg building weather proof box's for them
4th.. Do you want pattens on your house, or wash of color or beams in the air... The light about will be good for both Beams and pattens... but not so much wash.
Moving lights can look great, but they also add more programming time and cost to your display.

thats just my 2 cents worth


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Dec 29, 2015
The light you linked to looks as good as the myriad of other 200W/230W "sharpy" beam lights in the $200-$350 range.
It depends on what you are trying to achieve as to whether that's the best light you need.

If you just want a moving spot or wash of colour on your house, then a $50 to $100 LED spot or wash/flood could be sufficient.
However, if you want a "beam of light" that can be seen from a distance, then the light you linked maybe just good enough.
But, if you want something as bright as Tom BetGeorge has then you'll need to up your budget considerably. Clay Paky or Martin lights, plus their specialised covers, can set you back $5,000 each or more.

Note: I'm yet to see a display that has used those 200W/230W lights so not sure how bright they are and how visible the beam is.

my 2 cents on Dave's 2 cents :)
1st .. The lights in your link (200/230W lamps) @bdt are much better for a beam effect than LEDs. LEDs won't be bright enough to do a 'beam of light' effect.


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Mar 31, 2013
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Thanks guys, if its realistic I hoping to keep my budget under $500. I'm looking mostly for the beam of light effect, I planned on mounting it at the top of my megatree in a water proof box. Wow after watching Tom BetGeorge videos one light seems kinda week...

Good to know a lamp is better for a beam, I thought the LED would be better for all applications but they seem to be a couple hundred $$ more.


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Dec 27, 2011
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In order to see a beam, it needs to go through something.
Bigger fixtures with brighter lamps will catch natural dust and dirt flying through the air (like the Tom BetGeorge examples) but as mentioned, these are professional fixtures costing thousands of $$ each (plus lamps and waterproofing...)
Smaller lights would need something like fog/smoke/mist in the air for the beam to pass through and show up on. So the money you save on buying a smaller, less powerful lighting fixture, could possibly go towards a fog/hazer machine. The downside is being outdoors, the wind is against you and could blow it all away in an instant.

Here's an example of my show with moving heads projecting back onto the house but you don't see the beams in the air (unless it rains!) and only shows onto the projected surface of the house:

And here's an identical product that I am using:


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Dec 8, 2018
Hi Guys,

Im new here so sorry for intruding if I have.

If your seeking a Beam type effect the 5r/7r "sharpy" clones will do the trick for smaller indoor spaces, and contrary to popular belief the chinese clones are the same brightness (or brighter) than the original Clay Paky/Martin/Elation fixtures, the difference is the quality of the glass, and most importantly the shutter.

If your going for a bright, punchy beam that can be seen for miles you should go with something like a 20R Beam Spot Wash (they are even offered in "waterproof" models)

If you need to water proof a moving fixture using a light dome, specifically a inflatable one (usually $150-200 ish) will work perfectly, If snow is a concern using the hard shelled domes with an integrated heater always works best, have the heater turn on an hour or so before the show and your snow will be no more!
The benefits of the above "3 in 1" fixtures is that they are truly universal in they are Spot/Beam/Wash fixtures.
You can have a sky search beam effect then quickly change to a spot on another element (i.e. put a spotlight on a santa figurine) then change to a wash and wash out the yard/driveway.

I have begun using more of these 3 in 1 fixtures in my lighting designs (professional lighting designer/programmer/operator for concerts & festivals) mainly for their versatility and (admittedly) I have used a few clones and for the price I would recommend them to anyone who isn't using them for something mission critical (not a $20 000 000 festival!)