MPHS's build and comments.


Full time elf
Jun 12, 2010
Just completed ( in between doing the lawns, doing a network change for a client, email etc etc ) a ECG system.. I' got the DIY 8 output system. Eds manuals suggested a build time of around 8 hours.. I did it in about 3 hours elasped.. I've done a lot of assembly work in teh past so, so this wasn't too bad.... The kit is very well put together, everything was there when i needed it.. ANd Eds supplied a few spares just in case you mess something up.. The board is well labelled, you'll find it if you look.. The instructions are good, if you want to follow eds contruction mode ( i did'nt, and still got it going )..

Not sure if i'd build another one, i'd probalby just buy Eds DR4's completed.. Soldering aint the kick it used to be..

pcb is 10/10 for layout and labelling
Instructions 7/10, ( this was a draft so i guess it will get better )
completeness of kit, 9/10 ( a few missing parts, but they had it sorted out before it was even a problem to me )
Functionality is a 9/10

Overall i'm impressed, and score it a 9/10

IMHO, this is a mid level project, that could be undertaken by a competent hobbyist..

Its very exciting to see where this will lead to.. Eds ECG coudl well be a contender for most transformational project in hobby lighting this year..