Multiple E1.31 J1sys ECG-D4 controllers on light-o-rama


New elf
Oct 19, 2012
Mandeville, LA
1> Can I have more than 1 ECG-D4 board if I assign a separate IP address to it in my network?
2> Can I configure it in mulit-task like I did with my first board accept it would be for universes 5,6,7, & 8?
3> Do I have to change any of the hardware switches on 2nd ECG-D4 or can they be as default on first board?

Currently I have a E1.31 ECG-D4 successfully connected to light-o-rama which talks to 4 DMX universes with 512 channels each. I just want to add another 4 universes.

Also if there is another controller that adds more than 4 universes, please let me know.