My "elevated" Megatree plan


New elf
Nov 30, 2011
I saw some o
I have plenty of blinky on the front of my house and fence, but no front yard as such.

I want a Megatree - real bad... here's my plan for 2020 - the "Elevated Megatree".
  • Verticals planned as 50x50x2.5 Gal Square Hollow Section (SHS) tube - one attached to the low brick wall for extra stability
  • Hinge design allows for ground level access to topper
  • M12 gal bolts for hinge and bottom connection
  • Base in a 1m dia mini tramp frame
  • topper is 18mm ply, 22cm dia (photo below)
  • 24 strands, 270 degs, 5cm spacing
  • tie downs from the base act as guy wires and tension for the strips.
  • Street viewing is from the other side of the hedge.
  • 41 lights per string, 984 total lights (plus star), 5V, PI around the bottom, 2 controller ports, 1 Power Supply, sizing details here
thoughts on the engineering, comments, suggestion please!

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I saw someone do a youtube clip I think(if I see it again will link it) it was where they used two bits of ply, top and bottom of the strap, bolts going all the way through. Seemed to clamp the straps between them. wonder if that would assist with overall strength. of the topper. I need to do something similar to your design i think for the pole to get the tree above the fence line.