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My first Mega Tree build....

Discussion in 'Mega, Mini, Spiral & Pixel Trees' started by danv, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. danv

    danv Full Time Elf

    Dec 5, 2016
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    OK so my boscoyo order arrived yesterday!

    50 x pixel mounting strips and 1 x 46" 6-layer ChromaStar!

    My order from Ray hasn't come yet, but probably isn't too far away.

    I have an Advatek controller for this, might make the ChromaStar wireless with a Wixel though, and am going to use the same 5V 80A PSU's I use for my digital signage.

    Will be a 180deg tree, probably 24-strands to begin with at 3" or 4" spacing (4m to 5m roughly tall without the ChromaStar).

    Will be mounted between my garage roller doors (I have double on one side of the house and a single on the other side) so should be very sturdy and supported.

    Will chuck up some photo's as the build begins.
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