My lit printed coro signs


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Aug 3, 2012
Thanks for compliments... here's a quick and dirty "how to".

I found a local print shop that prints on coro, i decided to get some 18"x24" prints done to test this method out

The first is the christmas present:

and the second was the TUNE TO sign that I had printed in reverse so that on the outside it just looks like a white box until it is lit up at night time:

Here is the box I made up. just cut some coro strips, all the same width, and hot glue them to the outside.

You can see that I used 10 of these lights for this size print, you can choose whichever lights you want.

The last step is to hot glue the print to the rest of the box:

and here is how i will place the reversed tune to sign:

Note: I plan on cutting this one in half to make 2 separate boxes, for now this is just to test it out.

That's it! If you have any other questions let me know.


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Mar 29, 2011
Quitman GA
Nice Idea. Very well done.
Here is one I also did with coro. These were made with 2 pieces of Coro bent in to "U" shape then tapped together (same lighting setup inside with a 3 channel controller). The coro was then wrapped with conventional ribbon. VERY VERY easy and very cheap also can be any size. fold down flat for storage.

RGB Coro Presents test