My order from Ray


Apprentice elf
Dec 5, 2012
Hello everyone! Just got my order from Ray, some 12v WS2811 strip. I noticed some differences with the strip I got, compared to my last order of the same strip, which was a few months back.


He has added an extra power wire, changed the Data line from blue to green, changed the ground wires from black to white.

With the addition of the second power wire, power injection should be easier :)

Also, I got to give props to Ray. I waited for almost 2 weeks, after sending payment to Ray, and never got a tracking number for my package. I sent him an email inquiring about my order. He stated he lost the order in his pc, but did receive my payment. I resent the order for him and he shipped promptly. Here is where the props come in. From the time I got my tracking number , til the package reached my door, was 36 hours, via DHL Express. He must have had it shipped on a rocket :D
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