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My singing Snowman

Discussion in 'LightShow Pro (LSP)' started by Porsche, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Porsche

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    Perth, Piara Waters
    Just wanted some feedback and advice on my singing snowman.
    he will be 3m tall, made out of coro, LEDs for his outline, guitar and mouth.
    this is the first time Ive used papagayo but I wouldn't mind if a few of you guys that have done the singing mouths before provide some feedback and advice.
    I've uploaded the papagayo clip of jingle bells, (links below) I think Ive got the mouth movements pretty right in this.

    But Im not 100% sold on what it turns out like once loaded in LOR. I feel I may have too many mouth movements?? Ive substituted mouth movements as per the attached sheet.
    So I suppose my question is, does the mouth movements just look odd in LOR because Ive drawn it poorly in the animator? or what do you guys do different to get these movements looking better.

    Opps Ive just realised Ive put this post in the wrong part of the Forum.

    Papagayo Jingle Bells http://youtu.be/bKhyD69w6vs
    LOR animator Jingle Bells http://youtu.be/vvje7yhLYhs

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  2. AAH

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    The animator is good because it is simple, is embeds the data within an sequence and the channels are automatically linked to the sequencer channels but it doesn't allow you to go with anything like a realistic representation of what the final lights will look like. I'd be fairly tempted to draw the snowman up with the visualiser rather than the animator.
    Playing at a slower speed than normal and singing along yourself to visualise the mouth movements is worth doing too. As far as the actual sequencing with papagayo it looks like you've got things nicely synched up.

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