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Need a little help from my friends please

Discussion in 'RGB Lights - Intelligent Pixels and 3-Channel RGB' started by Bill Ellick, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. dariansdad

    dariansdad New Elf

    Jan 16, 2012
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    Knoxville, TN
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  2. DrNeutron

    DrNeutron Just starting in this crazy hobby

    Oct 19, 2012
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    Glace Bay
    I'll throw another option out there....
    If you have a 6 port DIYLEDEXPRESS bridge, Dave has a new pixel extender that would fit your needs.
    The extender will support up to 8amps (actually fuse is 7.5). For that string of pixels you selected it is 60ma X 100 = 6amps. I would think an extender would handle a single tree on its own, and the extender supports either 5V or 12V pixels:
    I just built one and plan on using with 6 coro canes, works fine with 2811 pixels. I have only tested on a string of 50 pixels but works great and this board is incredibly compact.
    If you don't have a bridge, it is a great addition to any display.
    :D ;)
  3. Kaden

    Kaden Pixels! I need more pixels!

    Jan 10, 2012
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    Gold Coast

    Allow me to respond to some of your questions statements.

    1. This is a given, you will need 10 universes (one per tree) which means you need to use e1.31 (otherwise you would have 10 USB dongles on your computer).
    2. Most pixel controllers (if not all) do not care what voltage the pixels are, as you can inject power directly into the pixel strip/string after the controller and most controllers have 12v and 5v options anyway.
    3. Daisy chaining works for pixel data and DMX, but for e1.31 you would be sensationally cascading switches - even if it is builtin to the board (possibly 10 deep as you would need one per tree). cascading switches more than say 3 deep is a bad idea.
    4. If you have small power supplies in each tree (like this one) you dont need to worry about 5v regulation as the power is very close to the pixel.
    5. I am not sure what you mean here, if you are talking about which pixel type to use, the answer will be: Any - they are all going to be more than good enough for effects on a tree. If you mean dmx vs e1.31 vs artnet, the answer will be either the network based protocols as you need to support lots of universes, so e1.31 or artnet (with e1.31 being my preference).
    6. My solution with PPDs in each tree would be a very small solution (you just need to take into account the controller has to be placed somewhere as this unit is roughly the size of your hand.
    7. There are lots of cases you can buy to waterproof the ppds and controller, as you said rays connectors will work with them and the powersupplies are already waterproof-ish.

    My solution for pixel controller may cost - lets be generous and say $400 (not including power supplies) which works out to $40 a tree for a whole universe (in each tree) and the flexibilty to move the trees wherever you like.

    Plus there are two spare outputs for two extra trees in the future (and did I read that it had two dmx outputs as well?).
  4. OP
    Bill Ellick

    Bill Ellick Full Time Elf

    Dec 31, 2011
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    Thanks Kaden

    I wasn't really looking for an answer for each numbered point there! I was only using it as a basic dream list for a controller that would do what I wanted to pretty much.

    Your method is probably going to be the way I will go though as it is looking more like the easiest and overall cheapest way to do these little trees for me. It will give me some very nice pixel 42" tall mini trees that will last a very long time and be quite a sight I should think. Also the frames that I use are 2 piece so that with a little forethought I can split them open and have 2 half trees out of each one. That would only take some design work and connectors to be able to make it work along with some extra wiring. I pretty much just use the mini trees as a full tree though so maybe not.
    Always looking at doing something different for display items!

    Again, Thanks for your input and help.

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