Need Help Wiring 5vdc Dump DMX Pixels


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Jan 21, 2011
This is my first year to use Dumb DMX pixels. I have a basic understand of how it all works, but there is no replacement for experience. I have read several ways to wire your pixels and wanted to get your opinions on what may be the best way for my application.

My set will be six concentric squares that will be made of PVC. Each square will of course have four sides, and each side will be controlled by one three channel controller like this one; All pixels are rated for 5vdc. I will have a power supply that is rated at 300 watts. The smallest square is 8 x 13 and the largest is 18 x 23. Therefore the longest run of pixels will be 23 feet long. The pixels I'm using are these,

I have read that 5vdc will require a heavier gauge wire than 12vdc. I want to be able to take the squares apart for storage. So each leg of the square would come apart. Each leg will have it's own 3 channel controller attached. I would like to use cat-5 wire and connecters if that is feasible. Since each complete square will have four controllers and I need to get power to each as well. Can I use the cat-5 or cat-6 wire and connecters? Or is that a poor way of doing things out in the open? I do plan on running the wire inside the PVC pipe to make it cleaner and safer. I have also seen this type on connector, but it would be more expensive.

For those of you that have been there what do you think is the best option for wiring my display, that will allow for a fast setup and tear down and give me the fewest problems?
If anyone can direct me to a wiring diagram or video that would be awesome!!

Thanks for all your help!!


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Aug 3, 2011
Gladstone, Qld
HI Raph
Most of us on this forum use the pigtails for the fact that they are waterproof. They can be obtained slightly cheaper from Ray Wu
The trick with the 5v stuff is to keep your cable run as short as possible with as large diameter cable as you can, I use .75mm2 cable doubled, which is about 18 gauge doubled and try to keep the cable runs to about 2-3m max.
The tip is to use localised power supplies
As well you will need to inject power every 5m