Need help with a project (party bus lighting)


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May 31, 2011
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Greetings folks. I hope everyone's display is going well this season, as is mine.

I have a little project we are working on and could use advice on what to order from Ray Wu. We have purchased a bus that we are turning into a party bus. We are pulling the seats out and installing seats down the sides of the bus and putting in a bar, etc.

I want to mount some rgb strip lighting down the sides of the ceiling inside. I would like it to do just basic patterns, and really would like it to be sound active so it can change patterns in response to music. I got this in an email a day or two ago and I am thinking Ray Wu probably carries the same setup at a less expensive price, or something really similar.

We are trying to get this going for New Year's Eve so time is short. I don't want to get into building any controllers myself, etc. just want to buy four 5m strips and a controller that will run them along with all the connecting wire, etc.

Can anyone give me links of what to order to do the job? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.




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Apr 26, 2010
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