Need some assistance on purchasing lights for a Falcon F16v3


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Dec 10, 2020
I have a question about lights that I am looking to purchase. I am going to purchase a R2R Falcon F16v3 and was looking at these lights . Two things on the page I wasn't sure about. The first is where it has wattage, it has the choices of 50ct or 100ct, what is the difference there. The second thing on the page is that it says "These are 12v resistor pixel. If you need regulator pixel, then purchase from another link" Which would the falcon controller use?

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Oct 16, 2016
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50ct or 100ct means 50 nodes per string or 100 nodes per string, you can cut and join them so I would not worry too much, unless you know your props are going to take 100 nodes or more to fill, I would go for the 100 count and power inject every 100 or so to save you doing a lot of joining cables.

Resistor vs regulator won't matter, there's a bit of debate on which one is better however both will work fine.


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Feb 9, 2020
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In my experience so far, it always seems like a string is more than 100 pixels, so I would select the 100 count. From that then shorten or lengthen as needed. The "purchase from another link" hints a Alling on Amazon perhaps? For pixels check RGN Man, Wired Watts, and Wally's Lights. There are others but I use these vendors for pixels and such.

To add to NotEnoughLights's comment, both 12 Volt resistor and regulated have advantages/disadvantages. Regulated pixels are more immune to voltage drop primarily. Also they are a bit more expensive.


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Jul 5, 2013
There is a good thread on the resistor versus regulator pixels here
Both use the same signal type so the controller will support both. It only matters from a power and sometimes brightness perspective.

Note that when buying a ready to run setup, the provided power supply can't power anywhere near the number of lights that the controller supports. Even if it could, you'd still need to run power injection due to voltage drop within each string.

There's the possibility of the F16v4 being released this year; you might want to compare it to the F16v3 and decide whether to wait.,13929/