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New ECG-P2X annoucnement and more

Discussion in 'EthConGateway by Joshua 1 Systems' started by Benslights, Jun 5, 2016.

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    ECG-P2X – the new super P2, same size, same case, more features

    this is a New release from Ed that has been specially announced at the Australian Sydney Mini.

    Thanks Ed

    Ethernet – 10/100 Ethernet Interface board (prototype was built on an EtherCat board with dual connectors, production will have a single RJ45)

    EtherCat – 10/100 EtherCat interface board – EXCITING!!

    WiFi – 2.4Ghz commercial grade WIFI interface board (prototype only has a chip antenna, production will include an SMA screw in antenna connection for a simple “rubber ducky” external antenna)

    What they are:

    The ECG-P2X series of boards is our newest design for dispersed pixel controller. It consists of our new ECG-P2X board, along with 3 different optional network interface boards.

    The ECG-P2X is the base board. It can be used as a stand-alone controller with no communication or can be enhanced by placing a network interface board on top. The ECG-P2X includes a microUSB interface for programming and configuration using our j1UBL software. It includes a uSD connector for local sequence storage along with a battery backed up Real Time Clock for scheduling. It includes two outputs along with a fused 7.5A power distribution for each output. Each output can drive either: 1 or 2 single-ended three wire pixel strings, 1 four wire pixel string, 1 differential three wire pixel string, 1 dmx output, or 1 renard output. Each output has a single 7.5A DC power output. In the case of dual three wire strings the power would be shared. Each port can transmit a maximum of 4 universes split among the attached strings.

    Optionally a network interface board can be attached on top of the P2X. Each interface board includes a personality and serial number chip that is auto-detected by the P2X to configure the software to match the interface.

    The interfaces include:

    J1LAN-ENET – a standard 10/100 Ethernet interface

    J1LAN-ECAT – a 10/100 EtherCat multi-drop interface. More info below.

    J1LAN-WIFI – a 2.4Ghz commercial grade WIFI interface. Includes chip antenna or external antenna connection

    Tentative Pricing: in US Dollars

    ECG-P2X - $80

    J1LAN-ENET - $20

    J1LAN-ECAT - $30

    J1LAN-WIFI - $30

    Optional Case - $10

    We expect to place production orders in early June, production completed by July 1st.

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