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Dec 29, 2013
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Hi All,
ill try this again since my account and post got deleted!

new member here from Cranbourne, saw Rod's display in Botanic ridge and got the bug again. I use to do xmas lights when i was 15 at my parents double story house - Working at dick smith had its advantages and a keen interest in electronics. I had net lights, strings, ropes, icicles & 12 coloured flood lights running off a 4ch disco light controller that i built up from scratch.

I then discovered women, cars and clubbing and dropped it, now being a family man and seeing my daughter get excited about it all ill be getting back into it.
I am familliar with Dmx (have a dmx smoke machine, moving heads, and other disco lighting from my Dj days) and also ILDA for my RGB Laser. I already have an enttec open pro Dmx to usb controller and i was using Freestyler to control my dmx gear for productions.
I was thinking of going LOR but after reading the manual and my data setup within the house it looks like e1.31 is the way to go with some J1sys controllers.

Essentially id like to outline the house, windows, and garage with some ws2811 strip lights, and use a dc controller board just to light up some existing low voltage string lights i have.
Software sounds like i should play with vixen first and then look at lightshow pro.

So essentially im planning on the following shopping list - feedback appreciated
- LED Strip from Ray Wu - 5V - Suggestions please?
- Running Vixen initially looking at LSP pro on my main pc inside house outputting e1.31 accross my internal network to a dlink 24 port Gigabit switch
- PSU 5V x 3 - Are Ray wu's 5v PSU's ok?
- PSU 30v x 1 for string lights
- AVD DC24 x1 board to control existing dc strings??
- J1SYS ECG-P12R pixel controllers x 2 or 3
- J1SYS pixel extenders x 3
- J1SYS E1.31 to DMX for DC control board
- 100 4 Pin Pig Tail Pairs white from Ray Wu - Or should i go 5 pin?
- FM transmitter - Ill source this at a later date
- Weatherproof Housings - Ill source the masters box or some ABB enclosures

Obviously to stay away from import duties ill keep my orders under 1000Au

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Dec 24, 2011
Botanic Ridge
you AGAIN!

Dont sweat too much on your list as yet, thats gonna change some before your ready to get started.
I plan on switching off tomorrow night but I'll probably not start pulling down till the weekend.
It would be good for you to see it from the back end before you rush off and spend any hard earned.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Welcome to ACL, you have found the right place to help you bring some magic to your part of the world and with your previous credentials you should be able to pick this up easily