Nutcracker: bug fix, animated gif's


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Jan 19, 2012
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A user brought to my attention that he generated an animated gif, it looked correct on my web page but when he brough the file to Vixen it was all zeros.

This turned out to be a bug in the gif effect, i have it fixed now.

It is always cool for me to see the creativity of my users. Keebler is using this animated gif

16 x 45

and here is what it looks like on a tree
username f
user_target A
effect_class gif
effect_name DANCER
file1 Spinning_Dancer_sm.gif
frame_delay 100
window_degrees 180
brightness y
seq_duration 7
fade_in 0
fade_out 0
submit Submit Form to create your effect

He will use this effect at the end of his Music Box Dancer sequencer.

very cool

Anyways, animated gifs should work now

To remind everyone:
In animated gifs, i do NOT auto size them. You need to auto size them to match your tree. Keebler's tree is a half megatree that will be 16x50.

In the picture effect, I DO auto size them (This is because it is easier to auto size a static image).

You do not need to mess with your static images in the picture effect, just animated gif's.