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Nutcracker: Bug fix, enhancements for Spiral Class, Part #1

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. smeighan

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    Well, i have done a major rewrite of the spirals effect class (More than 50% of code was rewritten).
    The summary of changes
    1) rotation (BUG), this was not working as i originally envisioned it. This now tells how many times a spiral rotates from the top of the tree to the bottom. Works now and you get a bonus, if you se this value to zero, you will have vertical bars
    2) color palette (ENHANCEMENT). Spirals now have up to 6 colors in its palette
    3) Rainbow Hue (ENHANCEMENT). If you answer Yes to this then your first two colors will be used to create a rainbow hue between the two (This is the way spirals has always worked)
    If you answer N, then your color palette will be used. If you have 3 spirals, the first 3 colors from your palette are used. If you choose 8 spirals, the 6 colors from your palette are used for the first 6 and then the first two are reused.
    4) Speed (ENHANCEMENT). Now you can speed up and slow down your spirals
    5) Fade 3D (ENHANCEMENT). This follows the way the bar effect works. If You answer yes , each spiral will fade away in intensity. This gives a 3D effect to the spiral. If you answer no, you will get solid color spirals (This is the way spirals has worked in the past).

    This effect now has the most prompts of any effect class. The effect prompts we will talk about are highlighted below:

    Effect Settings
    username f
    user_target A
    effect_class spirals
    effect_name DEMO_HUE_N
    handiness L
    number_spirals 4
    number_rotations 1
    spiral_thickness 4
    window_degrees 180
    frame_delay 100
    sparkles 0
    direction ccw
    rainbow_hue n
    color1 #FF0000
    color2 #2F0FFF
    color3 #45FF0D
    color4 #03FFD5
    color5 #FFFF03
    color6 #FF05EE
    use_background N
    background_color #17910F
    fade_3d n
    show_frame n
    seq_duration 1.618
    fade_in 3
    fade_out 3
    speed 1
    submit Submit Form to create your effect
    OBJECT_NAME spirals

    First lets look at the Rainbow Hue prompt

    rainbow_hue = 'Y'. Here we use your color1(RED) and color2(BLUE) and shift through the Hue spectrum between the two

    rainbow_hue='N' (This causes us to use your color palette)

    Now lets look at the number of rotations. This was broken, but it works now
    number rotations = 0.0. This will give you vertical bars

    number rotations = 0.1

    number rotations = 0.5

    number rotations = 1.0

    Next lets look at the new option for speed

    speed = 0.1

    speed = 0.5

    speed =1.0

    speed =2.0

    too many images, so will post second half

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