Nutcracker: bug fix, LSP timings


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Jan 19, 2012
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dpitts found an error in how i calculated the timing for lsp.

here was thread from DLA

dpitts said:
OK. I did some more digging. I think the only problem with the 9 sec UserPattern file I tried to import was the time values for the 'pos' of each effect.

The time scale for LSP is follows:

8820 units = 1/10 of a second
88200 = 1 second.

All the values in Nutcracker generated file had a one second delta from the effect before it. (88200 units). To test it I deleted all tracks but one and removed a trailing zero from all effects in that track. The track then pasted in with a 9s duration when I choose "Use clipboard timings".


I had this code, $f is the number of frames into your animation. $frame-delay would be 50 for 50 ms, 100 for 100ms
$time = $time * .882; // just imperical measurement that one second timing = 88200

i have changed it to
$time = $time * 88200; // just imperical measurement that one second timing = 88200

Since i always pasted with
"Snap to nearest timings"
"Use clipboard timings"
maybe that is why sometimes it works? I had pasted 9 second sequences and in lsp they ended up as 9 seconds, other times when i pasted they would be 90 seconds.

It pastes now without these two things selected.

I would also suggest double clicking the pattern and waiting until it says "Pattern pasted", then go to the cell where you want the pattern and type Ctl-v. Works much easier than trying to drag and drop.

thanks again

i have released it so give it a try now....