Nutcracker: Enhancement, gif effect. New auto-scaling method


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Jan 19, 2012
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Now that i am using gifs in my show, the effect i wanted did not scale correctly.

I have added a new prompt to the effect
Autoscale =1. This is the way the effect has worked for the last few months. It basically maintains the aspect ratio of your image and resizes your gif. This works okay as long as your target has something close to the aspect ratio.

I want the dancer gif on my tree. But since my tree is 20x120 my aspect ratio is very skewed.

Autoscale=2, autoscale x and y axis to fit your target, let the aspect ratio skew.

Example: All effects generated on my 20x120 half megatree

Take the flag gif.

autoscale=1, maintain aspect ratio

autoscale=2, scalye x and y. Notice, doesnt seem to make much difference

Example #2: dancer gif

Autoscale=1, maintain aspect ratio

Now Autoscale=2, scale x and y to fit your target, ignore aspect ratio

One last image that may have caused issues for people, the talking santa tree. This is with autoscale=2