Nutcracker: Fix for animated gifs


Dedicated elf
Jan 19, 2012
4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
Well, give animated gifs a try again.

New feature: Autosizing of animated gifs
Fixes: Errors, crashes .etc. , fixed

So , lets see

here is a gif i found

The gif effect now autosizes it to fit whatever target you are using

and here is what it looks like on my matrix

Another example, here is original gif

the autosized gif

and what it looks like on my matrix

and same effect on my megatree

and one more, this shows how a large animated gif is sized down correctly

Now, what still doesnt work. This has never worked right. Some gif's are optimized. When this happens they shift some frames and provide a offset_left and offset_top.
I still dont have these working correctly.

Here is an example, notice the jitter that is not there in the original gif.

Well, enjoy. Post issues. thanks