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    Someone asked for an ftp account to download the tutorials. I have setup a read only account pointing at the tutorials directory on So , if you want a local copy of the tutorials (and have about 1.3gb of space) have fun.

    ftp account: nutcracker/xfer1011

    this is a read only account that takes you to the tutorials directory on

    Here are the past recordings from the nutcracker tutorials.

    Previous tutorials
    h:m size Tutorial
    ---- ------ ------------------------------------------------
    1:30 212mb
    1:58 304mb
    0:11 30mb
    1:15 183mb
    0:12 59mb
    1:49 332mb
    1:17 229mb
    0:57 140mb

    If i could ask anyone to help me, there are almost 10 hours of recordings here. If any of you listen to these, could you take some simple notes of what I covered.
    I will then build a table of contents for them.


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