Nutcracker: future timing input


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Jan 19, 2012
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kidcole;206788 said:
I have been curious how to get the timing of the Nutcracker effects to be "adjustable." With the end result of matching the effect to the time signature of the song being played. In many cases (particularly slow songs) the pattern can be random and look fine. But for some stuff I would like to know how to manipulate the output for different timings inside the song. None of my songs use "time" as the base. I always create exact time signatures to the beat of the music and then divide those time signatures by another value that matches (8 and 12 are typical divisions).

I am using LOR S3 and have not yet tried importing your patterns yet. I am still deciding how my final effects will look, and then I'll assign the channels - - followed by finding a way to view them in LOR. Then I will be pulling in your effects into existing (and new) songs.

That is a great question! I have been waiting for the user base to get past the how to create a target rgb device, attach an effect and get an output.

If you look at most megatrees, they do not sync the effect to the music. The run 10-15 seconds of a pattern while the rest of the show syncs the other devices. There are some shows that do things like have the meteors fall in sync with the music.

So , here are the choices:
1) Load one of my effects and then cut and past things like the flashing, meteors and move it to align to the music
2) Load one of my effects and paste over it with a highlight. Find the pulse and make streaks of color matching the beat on top of a spiral effect,.
3) Use a new feature, not yet released, of a timing file.

In my show (yet too be created), i do plan on having effects synced to the music. This is the way i plan on doing that.

Besides an effect, i am going to prompt for a timing file.

In audacity , you can highlight the music and then type Ctl-B. This allows you to label the highlighted section

Here is a label export from a TSO Carol of the Bells from Audacity.

0.618008 8.196737 intro
8.196737 9.107485 p1
9.107485 10.050761 p2
10.050761 10.994036 p3
10.994036 11.953574 p4
11.953574 12.880586 p5

I will have a prompt ,in Nutcracker, where i can do things like

intro FLY_0

I will need to figure out how to prompt for transitions, and how to highlight an existing effect. I expect this will be done with layers