Nutcracker: My first 3rd party addon


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Jan 19, 2012
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Well technically Emmanuel Miranda made some addons for Vixen, but they are to support Nutcracker files.
But i will still call them a Nutcracker addon, [SIZE=78%]cool![/SIZE]

Nutcracker Butterfly effect on Vixen 2.1

Emmanuel, you are a man of few words but heavy impact.

Emmanuel has made a dll addon for Vixen. With this addon you will be able to get a 3D preview of the vir file you just inserted into Vixen. I believe you put his dll file into your Vixen plugin/output directory?

Emmanuel, did i get the directions right?

1) go to your web page,, then click on 3D RGB Tree Preview Plugin.
2) unzip the file and then copy files to the plugin/output directory
3) do something else and then you get preview capability

i guess, u can tell i am fuzzy about Vixen

again, great job Emmanuel!

And after i posted this, Emmanuel corrected me.


On the site there is also a video of how to use the plugin an the 2 additional Addins.
  • Tree Profile Addin - will create the name and numbers for all your string and pixels.
  • Routine Loader AddIn - The standard Vixen Routine dialog cannot keep up with the amount of data the Nutcracker effects creates. I have created an Addin to help load the routines (*.vir files).
  • 3D Tree Preview Plugin - Tool to generate a 3D Cone Shape to model Mega Trees.

The Addins dll's will go into the Addins Folder and the 3D preview into Plugins/Output Folder.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you have any questions/suggestions.

RGB Profiler Beta: