Nutcracker: New image library viewer


Dedicated elf
Jan 19, 2012
4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
In lack of a better way to share gifs, i have made a quick image library viewer

you can go to it 2 ways
1) directly:
2) Go to Admin tab of menu bar and then select image library

notice the member_id option. My user id is #2, so by default you will see my animated gifs and my static pictures.

if , while using the gallery, u see an effect that used an image you can view their image library. Rick click the animated gif that you plan on copying, look for their member id in the URL (,,/effects/workspaces/123/mtree_th.gif). In this example their member_id is 123

Please Note! All effects and gifs you use in Nutcracker are shared public domain. This has been true since the beginning of Nutcracker. Do not post images that you wouldn't want to be shared, do not post any images except those from the free image sharing sites.

now to go and see the gif/picture library of thsi user, you would go to

New in the display of image libraries
1) If an image is < 100x100, i will scale it back to fit 100x100. No more huge images in the library
2) if image is < 100x100, i leave it alone
3) All images can be clicked so you see the original image at full size
4) Illegal images now have a gray background. So static images in your animated gif library will be gray. I have some of these in mine.
Animated gifs in your static picture library will be gray background.

If you find a cool gif that works, pm the name to me and i will add it to my library. My library can become the share cool images for this season. Next year ill do a better method of sharing.

i do plan on fixing the picture effect by this friday. work has again got in the way, plus boy scouts, 5 bands/orchestras, building hardware. I know people need picture effect for their halloween show. It will be functional by Friday, hopefully by tomorrow.