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Nutcracker: New, real time Nutcracker. Wow!

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. smeighan

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    Hi All;

    Matt Brown asked permission to rewrite Nutcracker into xLights. His version is what I want to do with Nutcracker next year. His version gives immediate feedback while creating effects. Think sliding bars for all my effects and watch the window as you slide them.

    Amazing Matt!

    Here was his post on the xLights thread

    So how does this compare to the current Nutcracker, in almost all ways it is better!

    What is missing?

    watch out if strings dont fold evenly. take a 10x50 and make 3 strands out of each string. This would make 3 strands of 16 pixels each with two left over.

    In nutcracker, if you say always start pixel 1 at the bottom of your tree you would end up with 480 out of the 500 pixels being used. in xLights it uses 498 pixels. In other words it used the extra two pixels. If your strings divide evenly this wont matter. if i had 50 pixels divided by 2, then everything would be the same as nutcracker and xlights. Most people want node 1 of a string to be at the bottom.

    Like Nutrcracker it does not have the ability to start strings in the upper left or upper right corner.

    As an additional feature, it does support starting at the bottom right. Nutcracker does not have this.

    It has BOTH vertical AND horizontal matrices. For all of you with horizontal matrices, you could get effects this season.


    What is working:
    bars, butterfly, color wash, fire, garlands, meteors, pictures, snowflakes, text
    Note; matt does not have vertical and horizontal bars. This was added to my effect after he converted. His Spirals DOES support vertical bars (And they work).

    Text is so much better than mine. Matt implemented all of the fonts you have in windows and you can scale the font. Arial, Time Roman, .etc. 10 pt, 48pt. His text effect is very cool! In fact i am going to create text for my tree using his effect.

    Here is what has not been implemented yet.
    gif, life, snowstorm


    Does not yet support audacity label files. It does support marking phrases. I would print out your project with the timing marks and enter them into xLights.


    Vixen: vix, vir
    LOR: lms,lcb
    HLS: hlsnc
    LSP: UserPatterns.xml
    Vix vix
    xLights xseq
    Conductor seq

    So i took a vix file converted it to xseq
    Now i attach xLights effect to it. save it as updated xseq
    I can use this xseq between my songs. I can also convert the xseq back to Vixen vix format.

    Again, download xLights version D from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50766638/xlights-setup-2012d.exe

    Here is a 20 minute video i made using Matt's xLights.


    Awesome job Matt!

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    and the just released xLights 2012e version adds several new features on top of the great things in 2012d

    The next release of xLights is now available here:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50766638/xlights-setup-2012e.exe

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