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Jan 19, 2012
4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
'500' errors trying to create pictures
I've been trying to create a few picture files but have been getting constant '500' errors while trying it throughout the day. I can create other effects like spirals OK so I don't think the system is down...

User: budude
Target: MTREE-30S-42P
Effect: RELAY

It resized the image OK so it got that far anyway. I haven't tried my local install yet. It's a picture for Relay For Life for my wife's charity so it would be great to get this running.

Hi Budude;
ok, i have succeeded in setting up nutcracker on hostmonster (instead of on tierranet).

Budude; When i tried your effect on the new website, it worked. When i tried it on tierranet, it gets the 500 error.

Here is your effect from the new machine

Here is the new alpha nutcracker website

I exported data as of today to the new site.

Kick the tires and maybe compare to the current

Some Caveats;

The official web site, for now, is still I will do daily exports from to nutcracker123, but any changes you make on nutcracker123 will NOT be ported back to
This is alpha testing.

If this works it will be a big help. I am being given up to 200 gbytes of disk space for $5/month. I currently am paying $50/month for 50gigs.
What is really nice and unusual is that i have ssh and can compile and install my own programs. I used this capability to compile and install gnuplot.
There technical support is fantastic, best i have used in a long time (And i have been programming since 1972).

This is a shared server, up to 1000 other websites are on the box. The box does have 128 gigs of RAM and 24 threads. Most people are just running web sites so they will not consume as much resources as we are.

If i do decide to switch over this week (We are at 43 gigs of disk space), it will be transparent. I will repoint to point to nutcracker123. This will happen after i am certain there are no surprises.

So, if you have a big effect that would not finish on, give a try.

I still think it is a good idea to run everything from a localhost.

We are now at almost 950 users.