Nutcracker: Recording of Nutcracker 2.0 tutorial from Thur, Aug 16th 7pm MST


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Jan 19, 2012
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Bobby (gigogig) has posted the video , about 80 minutes, here:

Since the recording started while we waited 15 minutes for people to get on, you want to skip the first 18 minutes.

while playing the video , click on the left had box that is showing the current location. The movie will pause and you can type a time to jump to.
Try 20:30 and then press play, now you are right where the beginning is. Tutorial is just about one hour long

I tentatively am thinking of doing another Nutcracker tutorial on next Thursday (Aug 23rd), 7pm MST (Denver Time). I will cover any new effects i have released and talk about actually bringing down the sequences for projects