Nutcracker: Testers Wanted!


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Jan 19, 2012
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For the last few days the nutcracker software has been undergoing a huge re-architecture.

This redesign is going to allow batch operations such as a single button to go and recreate your entire project. It will allow recreating the 3000 thumbnails so that local installs can have a gallery.

I have touched over 1000 lines of code in 100 modules. I could use some help to make sure i didnt break anything.

How to test:

1) Open two windows in your browser
a) <= this is the original code
b) <= this is the new, batch aware code.
2) Login to both windows and then open the same effect with the same target in both.
3) Create the animated gif's
4) If you get any errors or the gifs dont look the same then please post the two links here in this thread.
to get the links, right click the animated gifs and copy url.

5) If everything checks ok, could you also post that info also?
something like : "Checked OK spirals-3, bars-2"
This will give me positive feedback into the depth of testing

It is taking about 2 hours per effect for me modify them. This means it will be a few more days before all have been converted.

Here is what you can test so far:

bars, butterfly, fire,garlands, spirals

These are not ready to test so please do NOT post any messages about them. As the days go forward this pile will move up to the pile that us ready for test.

chase, color_wash, gif, layer, life, meteors, pictures, single_strand,snowflakes,snowstorm,text,user_defined

There are 72 days until first light for me, Nov 23, 2012.

thanks for any testing you might be able to do


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Jan 3, 2011
Hi Sean

As always, thank you very much for the work you into the project.

I stated the test to create a new effect in this case a spiral I do not get a input form on the test site.

For both fire and spiral effects that I have pervious had in my library, it created a gif that looked the same.