Nutcracker: Tutorial This week, Thurs Oct 11th. Current bug status


Dedicated elf
Jan 19, 2012
4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
Will discuss changes to Nutcracker over the last week.
Will go over the list of current bugs and an estimate of when they will be fixed
What you can do to speed up your sequencing
What you can do to get ready for Halloween with the current bugs
Use projects, they are ready

See you tonight on BigBlue Button conference.

On Thurs, Oct 11th , follow these steps:
select cracker in the "Join a meeting"

enter your name, no password is needed

i will open conference at 6:45pm MST, tutorial will start 7:00pm MST

we will also be using so that you can see my full resolution screen.
I will give out the 9 digit code when we start.

This will be recorded and be available 1-2 hours after the close of the session.

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