Nutcracker Tutorial Thurs, April 25. 7pm MST. Talk about LSP and Audacity

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    What: Nutcracker Tutorial:
    When: Thursday, Apr 25th. 7pm MST (Denver Time)

    • 5 bugs have been fixed this last week, we will review them
    • Will focus on using xlights/Nutcracker with LSP
    • Will discuss Audacity and marking music

    See you on BigBlue Button conference.

    follow these steps:
    select cracker in the "Join a meeting"

    enter your name, no password is needed

    i will open conference at 6:45pm MST, tutorial will start 7:00pm MST

    We will try teamviewer for sharing the screen.
    Download from before we start.
    I will give out the meeting ID.

    This will be recorded and be available 1-2 hours after the close of the session. All tutorials are being posted on vimeo.

    Tutorials are found on the releases page


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