Nutcracker: Very Important! New release changes how you define window_degrees


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Jan 19, 2012
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Major change in your effects.

Every effect has had the window_degrees prompt in them.

This prompt was normally either 180 degrees (half mega tree) or 360 degrees (full megatree)

The prompt in all of your effects looked like this
"How much of your tree should be displayed (0-360 ):
360 means display your entire tree, this would be the normal value here.
If you choose 180 degrees, then one half of your tree will be displayed. 360 means display the entire tree.
This could be used when there is bleeding from the back of the tree thru the front.
The barber pole effect works best when it only displays on half of the tree.
If you choose 180, then 90 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right of the front of the tree will display."

With todays change this question has been removed from every effect in nutcracker.
The window_degrees prompt will now be answered when you are creating a target in the models menu.

I have defaulted every model to be set to 360 degrees. If you have a full megatree as a model, you dont need to do anything. This change was needed to enable projects to be able to run correctly.

If your megatree is something less than 360 degrees , please answer the last question in the model screen.

Here is a 10 minute tutorial on this subject.

sean & kurt