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Octoscrolla Mk2B

Discussion in 'Hanson Electronics' started by AAH, Apr 8, 2019.

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    The octoscrolla Mk2B passed all it's tests this morning so is now available. I'll be ordering some more pcbs in the next couple of days so stock will eventually increase.
    The Mk2B won't be available in kit or bare board form as it contains several surface mount components.
    The board still maintains the same functionality as the original octoscroller but has a number of improvements. The Mk2B has a number of improvements over the original octoscrolla. It now has onboard fusing, even larger text for the connectors, 5V power led, BBB power led, a connector legend so that the connector order can be seen regardless of any IDC cables plugged in and finally a jumper which is in parallel with the BBB power switch so a relay or momentary switch can be used for powering up or down the BBB.

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