One controller controls 32768 smart leds individually

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    Aug 25, 2011
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    The ever powerful Led controller come out:
    1. one controller can control 32768 pixels individually, 16 channel SPI signal output, supported IC listed later.
    2. connect with PC or other controllers with ethernet interface.
    3. wifi supported.
    4. SD card supported.
    5. conform to DMX512.
    Most other useful features not listed can be got at

    supported IC: 74HC595,6B595,MBI5026, DM134,ZQ9712,LPD6803,LPD1101,D705,UCS6909,UCS6912, WS2801,
    WS2803,HL1609,SM16716,,SD600,P9813,LPD8803,LPD8806,LPD8809 ,LPD8812,TLS3001,TLS3002,

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