Our New MegaTree Train Layout


Apprentice elf
Oct 20, 2012
Huntsville, TX
Some of you who know me have seen the train layout we had before (Pictures are on our website). It was a suspend G-Scale train that ran under our overhung porch. While it looked REALLY cool, several factors led to its demise. First I used cheap steel Bachmann track (NEVER do that again ... ever ever ever), Second was the orignal train was New Bright. It was VERY Christmas but quality was LESS than stellar and as it turns out the operate under the business plan as Gemmy... No Parts .. you break it .. buy another one... Third, the Bachmann White Chrismas Express that we replaced it with I think had some issues out of the box. Alas the train derailed on a straight away and took a 6' nose dive to the dirt .. Good News ... I sent in to Bachmann for repair ... they REPLACED IT .. free of charge .. Other issues include the track was 8' wide and 50' long.. the Bachmann power supply just didnt have enough oompf to carry the train without power taps etc etc .....

So .. around January.. I came up with another idea .. (See Pictures)

The base is a hay ring (Whats a hay ring?? Well its a metal ring that you place a roll of hay in to feed livestock so they dont spread it all around and poop in it .. wasting a large amount of it.. and after the drought .. hay was EXPENSIVE !!! )

The platform is plywood and the skirt around the bottom is a heavy red 2' x 24' banner with eyelets every 12"...

We upgraded the track to LGB brass (GREAT for outdoor use..) and with a TON of help for PC member Jim H (Thank you Sir ..I couldnt have done it without your help) we now have what you see..

We hope you like it ...

Bob and Sandra