Output problems


New elf
Nov 2, 2012
South of Brisbane
Ok so first let me preface this by saying - i've left it real late. Tonight is the first night i've actually tried to test everything. We've had a new baby, and the wife and I have been really sick for the past two months. I finally resigned myself to not getting a synchronised show running this year, but as 80% of our lights are up, i wanted to do just a simple colour changing display for people to see.

The Setup
So the set up - it is identical to last year. I haven't changed a thing. nothing new, nothing modified at all. Running LSP outputting to 2 P2's, a P12 which only acts as a DMX bridge to output to a Mega60 and 3 ray27 boards.

The Problem
Outputting in show mode, one of the Ray boards doesn't output. it's in the middle of the DMX chain, and the controllers before and after all work. The same happens outputting from the sequencer. Just black.
Using DA131, the DMX universe runs, but the problem ray board has its RGB mixed up - red is blue, blue is green and green is red.

After trying to troubleshoot a few things, I noticed that when I tried to switch output mode on in the sequencer, it said that the output configuration wasn't configured. I go through the wizard, all of the outputs are the same as last year - again, nothing has changed - so i finish and close the wizard, and output mode is then enabled. Running a sequence, that controller still doesn't output. If i switch output mode off, and back on again, no problem, but if i leave it for 5 minutes or so, i get the same configuration error and have to run through the wizard again.

Whilst trying to troubleshoot, i left everything on, in idle (levels all zero) and every few minutes, some of the elements would randomly fade up and down within the space of about a second, in a rainbow of colour.

I'm at a loss. With three weeks to Christmas I would love to get something up just so the effort of all the setup spent whilst the whole household was sick as crap would be worth it. I'm sure i'm overlooking something REALLY simple - and would appreciate any help anyone can offer.



Dedicated elf
Jul 5, 2013
Sometimes the switches for setting the start address of the 27 channel controller stop working. This results in the controller responding to the wrong DMX channels.