Overloading LSP


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Nov 7, 2012
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Just wondering if I’m overloading LSP? Im running 2500 channels across 16 universes.

As this is my first year at a light show, Ive just got my head around the whole E1.31 setup.
Im finding it much easier to allocate 1 universe per ECG-P2 output. I know I’m massively under utilising the 512 channels per Universe.
For example Ive got 7 P2’s and each output has its own Universe.
P2 output 1 has only 80 pixels (240channels)
P2 output 2 has 80 pixels as well (240Ch), I know I could group them into 1 universe, but Ive found it easier to configure into LSP if they both had seperate universes.
Ive only done this because its helped me understand everything and made it easier to configure in LSP.
Am I /could I run into problems with LSP by doing this?


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Dec 27, 2010
Whether you are overloading LSP or not is going to come down to your PC and network configuration as well. You are using 2500 channels but pumping out the data for 8000 channels. Most of the data being sent out is going to be zeroes but it is still data that has to be calculated and pumped out the ethernet port. Try it under both the sequencer and scheduler and if you don't have any problems then just go with it. LSP is definitely capable of doing the number crunching it is just whether your pc will keep up with it or bog down and also whether everything on your ethernet output will handle that data. The ethernet output should be the least of your concerns.


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Apr 26, 2010
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You wont be overloading LSP
I ran 10000 channels over 32 universe last year and it worked so 2500 channels is what i did with LSP back in 2010 so it shouldnt be an issue
Now what needs to be considerd is the computer you are using, if its 32 bit or 64 bit OS, whats the computer specs, how long is the sequence, how many timing marks are in the sequence and the channels used all play a part in the performance of LSP and any sequencer.
So these details are important to judge if you are actually overloading the computer based on those factors