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P12D configuration problem.

Discussion in 'EthConGateway by Joshua 1 Systems' started by Troy ELD, Oct 4, 2015.

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    Nov 26, 2011
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    Im in need of help. I am obviously new to the world of blinky and cannot for the life of me setup this board to function properly. Ben has been awesome even changing the board to see if that is the issue.

    Now, Each time i setup the board to handle my 2811 12v pixels, I have to update the asics chips and the master to get the board to work. Even then it doesnt work 100% of the time. Ive tried using the old 3.3 version as well but it seems to work until i turn it off then it wont turn back on. Ive sent these screenshots to Ben and Ed but if you guys can see something or could help with my dilemma please post away.



    Also, when im updating the chips, The bootloader wont disconnect. i have to power down the board to get it out of the bootloader.

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