P12S repair parts


Apprentice elf
Aug 25, 2010
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
I just emailed Ed but figured I would ask here as well as I suspect he is fairly busy this time of year. ey ed I have 5 p12s. One I kept as a spare just incase I had problems with any of the other ones but so far they have been great. This year we are expanding my parents display and I need to use the spare p12s I have. Unfortunately my dad tossed it in a box with three 250' spools of 12 gauge wire and it was damaged. Luckily the damage is limited the voltage regulator, the cap next to the regulator, a jumper (which i have plenty of) and all of the nylon posts supporting he p12x daughter paneL. I was wondering if anyone knew the the skus for the damaged parts so I could buy them from mouser and fix the board myself. I have done a fair amount of building boards so feel comfortable with the repair. Thanks.