PacNW Regional CLAP - Follow Up Info


Full time elf
Jun 8, 2010
Woodinville, WA
C.L.A.P. Crazies,

Thank you once again for making 2013 our largest and most successful gathering to date. It's seems like just last week we were at the Lake talking Christmas Lights. Wait, I guess it was just last week! :)

Conrad from Reinders has extended a discount to us in the NW. Due to my travel last week, and the tardiness of this message going out, he has extended the sale through the end of May. If you want to take advantage of this sale pricing, send Zman or Wirekat a PM or email to get the Sale code. Here is a link to their site:

Daryl Hurd had been busy working on our regional webpage:

Most of the material from the meeting is in place for you to download or review.

By request of "Jeffro" from Greenlake Christmas, Daryl put a display finder in place so that you can put your display on the map. What I would also suggest, is that if you know of other displays in your neighborhood, or close to you, that may not touch us, approach them to list as well, or list for them. I would like to leverage this for those in the area wanting to know where the larger displays are located. Daryl has a very nice format, but it requires submission to get the format as you will see it. The direct link to display submission is below:

List your display:

Also both Kevin Dunn (Demented Elf) and Judy Pancoast (House on Christmas Street) have given me permission to distribute their respective MP3s. Kevin did the CLAP announcement, and Judy as stated customized her HOCS song to honor Bill Foley. If you want one or both, please send an email, IM, or PM to Zman or Wirekat and we will push those to you. Do not distribute these without permission, and if you use them, give them credit.

If you want to participate in Lowell's Group buy as discussed at the meeting, he is looking to finalize an order. In an email or PM we will provide Lowell's email address for you to get with him on the items you have interest in.

Thanks again for making CLAP one of the most successful groups/meetings in the country!

Mark & Kevin