Pixel House Outlines


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Oct 13, 2012
Stuart, Florida
One of the things i would like to do for this year is to create pixel outlines on the house

the attached picture shows the planned outlines. Purple are the ones i really want to do and blue are the ones i would like to do as well

i would like to hear any ideas and warnings/tips you would have regarding this

i think it should be enough to use 3 LED pixel strips. Probably would be overkill to have single led pixel resolution on these outlines - Thoughts ?
one thing i am wondering is how to mount the strips. On the top roof i have wood to mount things to. There i would really like to mount the strips together with icicle lights together somehow

the window outlines are probably the easiest as there are screws for the hurricane shutters on each side of the window so i could make some sort of frame that can be screwed into the hurricane shutter screws

the lines on the garage roof probably need to be on top of the roof so they are visible. Not sure how to mount these yet

the vertical lines on the house corners i have no idea yet how to mount these

the garage door outline i could wedge some pvc into the cutout for the garage i guess

any ideas/help/tips/links would be greatly appreciated



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Dec 9, 2012
I use a product called J-channel on all my eaves and gutters. It comes in many forms, sizes and even a few different colors. Specifically to your icicle and strip question, I use the J-Channel with the eyelet holes specifically around the gutters. Strip goes on the outside edge, icicles get wired tied to the eyelets, and then the J part of the channel holds it in my gutter. for windows the eyelet portion goes under the flashing and the strips are mounted the outside of the J section. Around my garage, it find whatever way will make it fit under the flashing or the vinyl siding surrounding.

i hope this makes some sense, as i dont have images yet. do a search around here and the other sites, i got the idea from a DIY'er on the xmas boards.

edit - found this via planetxmas folks - http://www.mycrazyprojects.com/Pages/ChristmasHowTo.aspx scroll to bottom. lots of JChannel images


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Apr 26, 2010
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The cheapest way i have found is to use 25mm electrical conduit to mount the strip to, then cut up old steel coat hangers and make up some mounts that hook onto your gutters and hook in between the tiles. For window frames i also use this method

Here is a couple of links of different methods used that a quick use of the forum search feature has found